KLEAN FRAME is a revolutionary machine that, when attached to a pressure washer, will spray, rinse, and clean the underside of vehicles. This allows for the quick removal of corrosive salts, chlorides, and debris, thereby extending the life of the vehicles.

How Does It Work?

KLEAN FRAME works by allowing high pressure water (from a pressure washer) to spray from rotating nozzles that move underneath the vehicle.

Is the Unit Difficult to Operate?

NO. KLEAN FRAME is a one person operation, and it can take just minutes to clean an entire vehicle's underside.

How Is KLEAN FRAME Constructed?

KLEAN FRAME is constructed of 304 stainless steel, the same high quality material that professional grade salt spreaders use, ensuring a long service life.


KLEAN FRAME is unlike other wash systems because its focus is on the underside of the vehicle, not the top and sides like a typical car wash.

KLEAN FRAME Advantages:

  • No more "forced volunteers" having to wash underneath the vehicle, subjecting them to an unwanted "shower", often in cold weather.
  • No damage resulting from untrained personnel using a pressure wand too close to brakes, oil seals, frame, etc. KLEAN FRAME cleans thoroughly, while directing the pressure evenly and without worry.
  • Many modern deicers are stickier than rock salt, making it more difficult to remove. KLEAN FRAME allows you to wash as long as necessary to insure a clean vehicle and equipment.
  • Most commercial car washes use recycled water even after a snow storm, thereby actually washing your vehicle with salt laden water. With KLEAN FRAME you supply the fresh water.
  • Klean Frame pays for itself, time and again by prolonging the life of your vehicles, removing corrosive materials, quickly and efficiently.